Bus from New Birth Missionary Baptist Church Trashes the circle






Atlanta garbage folks pick up my broken dryer.

They drove up and on the circle.PC161513-Dryer-Pickup

Crunched it with  the claw.PC161514-Dryer-Pickup

Swung it around.PC161515-Dryer-Pickup

Plopped it in the truck. Nice work, except for driving over the circle.PC161516-Dryer-Pickup


The XA400 rock crusher is finished at Emory Arms

What a machine. They put every bit of dirt and rock excavated from the building foot print through this thing. Amazingly quiet, but not quiet. A milestone, so to speak, today.PC141504-EXA400-RockCrusher


Emory Arms dirt piles

Lot’s of digging next door. With the leaves mostly gone we have a good view. They aren’t blasting now but there are still some blast mats on the property.


Blasting at the fomer Emory Arms apartments.

They are blasting next door (tearing down and building new “luxury” apartments). There has been lunch time blast every day this week. Very cool.

I’d think it’s a boy thing but Jo Ann is really getting into it. We watch for signs. When we hear the 3 alarm horn blasts, we rush to window with the best view. They shout “Fire in the hole,” just like on the History Channel and blammo.

The Former Emory Arms Aparments on Rock Springs Road, Atlanta GA

The Former Emory Arms Apartments on Rock Springs Road, Atlanta GA


Don’t miss Nippon Music Champ on WRAS Sundays 6pm- 8pm

Atlanta has WRAS 88.5 FM, WREK 91.1 FM, WRFG 89.3 FM, and WMLB 1960 AM

And we’re mighty lucky to have them.

Nippon Music Champ on WRAS Sundays 6pm- 8pm is one of the extraordinary shows on local radio or any radio as far as I am concerned. Until my hearing went south my rule was: See every Japanese Rock band you can. The variety, and ____ to the wall playing of Japan rock / pop make western rock seem as boring a we know it really is.

Since I have no chance of understanding the lyrics, the pressure is off and the fun is on.


When do Yoshino Cherry trees bloom in Atlanta

This year our Atlanta Yoshino cherry trees were in full bloom March 23 to April 5. The fun isn’t over though. We have lots of cherry blossom snow.


The March 14 2008 Atlanta Tornado was about 3.3 miles from here

It was stormy, we put our shoes on, we watched TV coverage, but it barely rained at our place.
Map of the March 14 tornado path


J & G’s Fish and Grits

At the Healey Building, Atlanta GA

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