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Atlanta garbage folks pick up my broken dryer.

They drove up and on the circle.PC161513-Dryer-Pickup

Crunched it with  the claw.PC161514-Dryer-Pickup

Swung it around.PC161515-Dryer-Pickup

Plopped it in the truck. Nice work, except for driving over the circle.PC161516-Dryer-Pickup


The XA400 rock crusher is finished at Emory Arms

What a machine. They put every bit of dirt and rock excavated from the building foot print through this thing. Amazingly quiet, but not quiet. A milestone, so to speak, today.PC141504-EXA400-RockCrusher


Emory Arms dirt piles

Lot’s of digging next door. With the leaves mostly gone we have a good view. They aren’t blasting now but there are still some blast mats on the property.